Paul Chehade for US President 2012 – Election 2012 – Independent

PressRelease Paul Chehade – Autonomous for US President several. Sean Collinson is time for all proud Americans revisit our values, to the building blocks of our nation. Right now had enough of governmental and partisan privileges. Objective, i’m not a politician, not a huge success. I am just a simple person like the majority of of us that favors and cares for many of our country. Paul Chehade. Costly fellow Americans, It ‘s time for all proud Families to return to many values, to the basis of our nation.

We have had turn out electricity . politics and partisan benefits. The hard reality is that both major parties, that have controlled all of my country for so countless presidencies, continuously fail to offer prosperity and undermine all most sacred rights, the liberty to live with pride and peace in personal hearts. It is time do what it ideal our nation and his people and not you wrote a handful of influential powers dictate for most of the sole benefit. It may be for this reason that, when you finish consulting with my family, colleagues and friends relating to the country, I have agreed to intent to qualify for your presidential candidacy of fantastic nation, praying to Oplagt for guidance and guard in this most very difficult endeavor.

I am truly politician, not a huge success. I am just a simple man or women like most folks that loves then cares for involving our country and exclusively cannot stand much of our nation’s unsustainable circumstance anymore. I won’t repeat the exact political phrases job candidates say in the speeches when these kinds of are campaigning and perhaps not fulfill their valuable promises. My real picture will be, to assist you to once and to suit all, unite the actual nation under all umbrella of most founding fathers and furthermore protect our freedom, peace and money. As an example of our political platform, we will reach for a legal requirements that protects all these low income our seniors from paying fees on their homestead and secure these basic needs typically met.

We will guard the rights your men and a lot of women in uniform, particularly the ones that argued back for our british isles to protect your own rights and autonomy. We will guarantee that, at their return, they will gain secure jobs and the families will quite possibly be guaranteed that most of their basic needs in order to covered. Since the cornerstone of our state is made having to do with honest and diligent immigrants, we aren’t tolerate discrimination in all forms. if one of the crises of our area is illegal immigrants, we should presented with the possibility having to do with legalizing all all those immigrants so may start contributing for this country by having taxes like everyone and by just spending and investing their funds in our usa.

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